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Guiding principles

Guiding principles

For over 60 years AGRO AG has been developing and manufacturing high quality solutions for electrical installations and for cable entry and laying at its premises in Hunzenschwil ( Switzerland ). AGRO AG bases this on clear beliefs and values.


  • AGRO AG is an internationally aligned, innovative and financially sound company belonging to the Kaiser Group. AGRO AG manufacturers and supplies cutting edge products, solutions and services :

    for electrical installations
    for everything to do with cables in
    industrial applications

    AGRO AG intends to continue being the uncontested number 1 with its two product segments. With its strategic products such as cable glands and cable entries the company aims to grow further internationally and rank amongst the leaders in this field.

Mission statement

AGRO AG depends upon qualified, well-trained and motivated employees. These represent the core of the company and are encouraged and further trained accordingly. 

To achieve the growth targets, AGRO AG invests in new geographical markets and market segments.  

AGRO AG follows the goal of creating outstanding customer benefits by providing cutting edge products to meet requirements. The high level of innovation applies to both products and services.  

Existing and new customers rate AGRO AG's all-embracing marketing service as being of high quality. This accounts for the high level of customer satisfaction.  

Wherever we can be found: AGRO AG is  "your quality connection" for high customer satisfaction.

Values and principles

AGRO AG  has a lean company organisation that encourages a corporate culture of active, communicative and entrepreneurial thinking. The culture is built on corporate-wide teamwork. The dynamics of the company are promoted by a balanced level of criticism and mutual competitiveness.


The following values are the centrepiece of AGRO AG's actions:


  • High reliability and motivation, supported by continuous improvement
  • Mutual respect coupled with tolerance, trust, honesty and integrity
  • Sustained development with a commitment to our environment
  • Entrepreneurial thinking and the ability to identify opportunities

We are committed to this!

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Phones: (800) 638-1830 or (410) 358-3130 are available Monday-Friday 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM Eastern time.
Faxes: (800) 872-9329 or (410) 358-3142 & E-mail are available anytime.
Warehouse & showroom hours are Monday-Friday 10 AM to 5:30 PM.
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