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duMONT Catalog K (2012) Chapter index in .pdf format
0 Introduction
1 Table of contents
2–6 Broach Sets: duMONT packages the most popular combinations of Keyway Broaches and Bushings in attractive wooden cases, with all necessary Shims included. On hand when you need them for general maintenance or short run production.
7–10 Keyway Broaches/Bushings/Shims Individual Broaches, Bushings, and Shims fabricated to precision tolerances in a wide range of inch and metric sizes. For specific applications, short run production, general maintenance, or for replacements in Minute ManŽ Broach Sets.
11–12 One-Pass & Production Keyway Broaches: duMONT’s One-Pass Broaches offer a cost-effective way to perform short production runs without the need for shims. duMONT’s Production Broaches are the fastest way to accomplish high volume production with extreme accuracy cutting keyways in a single pass without Shims or Bushings.
13 Keyseating Broaches, Type AF and AFS: For superior broaching with Hansford-Davis keyseating machines Models 4, 5, and 15. Type AF sizes up to 1 inch and 25mm and Type AFS sizes up to 11/2 inch are in stock. Other inch and metric sizes are readily available.
14–15 Pull Type Production Keyway Broaches: A full line of Industry Standard 500 and 600 Series and 5M and 6M Series Keyway Broaches are available.
16 Square Broaches: Standard Square Broaches in the most popular American Standard sizes. Proven design and quality materials ensure superior performance and longer tool life.
17 Full Square and Round Broaches: Full Square Broaches leave no radii on the flats of the broached teeth generating a true square. Round Broaches cut Round holes with far greater accuracy than other methods. All Round Broaches are furnished with variable pitch for greater precision and reduced wear.
18 Hexagon Broaches: Broach precision Hexagon holes with duMONT Hexagon Broaches. Choose from a wide range of stock sizes or take advantage of our extensive capability to design and engineer broaches to your specifications.
19 Metric Square and Hexagon Broaches: Most popular Metric size Square and Hexagon Broaches available from stock.
20–21 Special Broaches: Special Broaches to almost any specification in Push or Pull-Types. We can manufacture from your part prints or custom-design for your applications. All types of Keyway, Internal hole, and Surface Broaches in both inch and metric sizes are available.
22–24 Engineering Section
25 Presses

What’s new in this catalog: Page 10-Metric"F" Bushings. Page 15-Industrial Pull Type Keyway
Page 2 & 3-Smaller Starter Sets. Page 11-Additional One Pass Broaches.
Page 8-More Inch "E" Bushings and Broaches Inch and Metric Page 17-Full Square Broaches
newly added Inch "F" Bushings. Page 12-A Metric Production Broach. (formerly a foot note).
Page 9-Metric Keyways 28-45 mm. Page 13-Type AFS Keyseaters Page 19-Metric Squares and
    Hexagons 18-25 mm.
Click here to view or download the duMONT CNC Tooling catalog

The duMONT Company, LLC is pleased to introduce a patented solution for
effective and efficient broaching and shaping operations on
CNC Lathes and Machining Centers as well as Slotting and Shaping machines.

Brochure: Keyseating Broaches, Type AF for use with Hansford Davis Keyseating machine models 4, 5, and 15

Special Bushings & Broaches in push and pull type; 500 & 600 Series Pull Keyway,
D-Hole, Splines, Serration & Surface Broaches are available on special order.

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Click here to view or download the duMONT Catalog K (2012)
Click here to view or download the duMONT CNC Tooling catalog

How to order duMONT Products: R087-part number     example: R087-44474

duMONT has been designing and manufacturing precision broaches since 1945 -
broaches recognized all over the world for quality, durability, and engineering detail.

duMONT is the largest supplier of push-type broaches in America, offering broaches to
a wide variety of businesses through a vast national and international distribution network.
Our record of design ingenuity, fast delivery, and courteous follow-up is unsurpassed.

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