Maryland Metrics: Introduction and Characteristics of KHK Stock Gears
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Catalog technical data and part numbers may be found here.
CLICK here to access KHK Individual 3013 Catalog sections in PDF format [online only]

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the complete KHK 3013 Catalog
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Broadband users CLICK here to access or download the complete KHK 3013 Catalog [40 mb] [online only]

Precision and quality are the basic requirements of gears in any transmission system.
KHK organizes its products by type, module, material and precision grades and produces them systematically. KHK allows users to obtain gears simply by looking in the catalog and calling, faxing or e-mailing Maryland Metrics, your KHK source. No longer do you need to concern yourself with complicated gear calculations and manufacturing headaches. Freed of such concerns, you can now concentrate on such things as automation, simplification and systematization of your factory while lowering the cost of gears at the same time.

There are many technical problems in designing and making your own gears, such as complex gear calculations, procuring material, scheduling and methodizing manufacturing operations.
You may even encounter the problem producing gears to a consistent precision grade. KHK Stock Gears have successfully mastered all of these problems. Maryland Metrics can satisfy all of your requirements whether you are replacing existing gears or building a new prototype machine with a short lead time.

More and more companies are relying on Maryland Metrics KHK Stock Gears for all their gear needs.

Select gears to meet any of your requirements

  • Eliminate complex gear calculations and just call!
  • Instead of spending your time on gear strength calculations, making drawings and manufacturing, just call Maryland Metrics, your KHK distributor for desired gears.
  • Large selections available!
  • KHK Stock Gears markets 175 types of gears that contain more than 15200 items. They are sufficient to meet most of your requirements.
    Choose from our large selection of modules, types of gears, number of teeth, speed ratios, precision grades and materials.
  • From high precision to commercial grades offered!
  • Choose from a wide range of stock gears from ground gears for high speed, high torque and low noise applications to commercial grades for routine applications.
    Users have the selection to choose appropriate grades to suit their applications.
  • Gears are made of 11 different materials!
  • The gear materials range from chromium molybdenum steel for high strength and wear-resistant applications to carbon steel for normal use to anticorrosive stainless steel to chemically-resistant and lubricant-free industrial plastic. KHK Stock Gears can satisfy your specific needs.
  • KHK is synonymous with high reliability, quality and precision!
  • More than 60 years of manufacturing know-how together with the most advanced production equipment and total quality control make KHK products some of the world's best gears. All you need to do is to select a catalog number and specify the quantity.
Ordering KHK Stock Gears
For custom made specials, please see other pages.

Please select the desired gears from our catalog by their part numbers and specify quantities.
We will do the rest and deliver the parts on time.


Our catalog contains useful technical data for engineers. It's a free download for all customers. If you need the paper version of the catalog: there is a mailing charge of  $10.00 that will be refundable with a purchase of KHK gears from Maryland Metrics.
CLICK here to access KHK Individual Catalog sections in PDF format [online only]

Broadband users CLICK here to access or download the complete KHK 3013 Catalog [40 mb] [online only]



KHK is an ISO 9001 Certified Stock Gears manufacturer.
KHK is proud to announce its 1st certification to ISO 9001
standard on April 16, 1996 by SGS Yardley ICS.

This makes KHK a member of the select group of gear manufacturers to qualify for this international quality management and assessment standard. In order to provide a reliable supply of high quality products to meet the expectations of its satisfied customers, KHK strives to maintain its world-recognized quality assurance system. ISO9001
        KHK Stock Gears can
  • shorten order-to-delivery time
  • keep up with your changing needs
  • maintain a consistent and accurate quality
  • supply gears at reasonable prices

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    Phones: (800) 638-1830 or (410) 358-3130 are available Monday-Friday 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM Eastern time.
    Faxes: (800) 872-9329 or (410) 358-3142 & E-mail are available anytime.
    Warehouse & showroom hours are Monday-Friday 10 AM to 5:30 PM.
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