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The KOK ISOTOL™  Computer Tolerancing Software ( Price $250.00 Part no. RKOK-CDTOL )
provides the powerful tool you need to cut costs in manufacturing andengineering.  
See  How ISO METRIC Standards CutManufacturing Costs .

Preferred Fit ; Simply click on one of the ten proven fits . If youdecide to use a different hole or shaft tolerance, you can increase or reduce theclearance by just a click on one of the 150 other tolerance zones.   Each timethe new fit condition is instantly displayed.    You can modify the fit,  and still specify one of the first choice tolerance zones for holes (H11 , H9 , H8, H7) or shafts (h11 , h9 , h7 , h6) which produce the largest cost reductions in gages, material stock and tooling.The ASME B32.100-2005 material standard and other national standards for cold finished steel rod material specify the four (4) preferred shaft tolerances h11 , h9 , h7 , and h6 in all the largest industrial countries of the world.

Preferred Basic Sizes ;  Click on first, second or third choice basic sizeor enter your own special size up to 3150 mm.   You may also click on apreferred inch size or enter a special size followed by the inch ,", symbol.

Output ;   Instant display of limit dimensions for hole,shaft and fit.
For example;  25H11/c11 (hole 25.130/25.000; shaft 24.890/24.760; fit0.370/0.110)
Press Copy in order to transfer the above line to drawing or specification.

Key Benefits

The  KOK ISOTOL ™   Computer Tolerancing Software system -

bullet see how the ASME B32.100 standard shown in the e-book will help you cut the number of material sizes used in your products
bullet show you How to Select the Optimum Preferred Metric Sizes and Help Cut Manufacturing Costs
bullet see   Global   ISO  Tolerance  System  Made  Easy
bullet provides instant display of limit dimensions for hole, shaft and fit.
bullet minimizes engineering time required to specify proven fits.
bullet makes it exceedingly easy to tolerance dimensions.
bullet reduces cost of cutting tools,  gages and material.
bullet is completely parallel to existing American tolerancing and gaging practices.
bullet promotes specification of fewer standard hole and shaft sizes and tolerance zones (holes;  H11 , H9 , H8 , H7 , shafts ; h11 , h9 , h7 , h6 ) to help lower manufacturing costs.
bullet guides engineers from customary inch to hard metric thinking.
bullet is a totally flexible system which will fit most tolerance and gage requirements.
bullet cuts production lead time by reducing delivery time for standard gages, material and cutting tools.
bullet is completely documented in national standards in all major countries.
bullet helps worldwide manufacturing of American products.

Users Quotes

1.  I think the ISOTOL software is an excellent tool  for analyzing and harmonizing fits and tolerances of metric and inch designs.  It's a real timesaver because it minimizes errors when looking up numbers repeatedly in the ISO tables.   Mike E Yamat myamat at cooperpower.com ; Phone 414 768 8303 ; Fax 414 768 8236 (User of metric book and software) Cooper Power Systems , 2800 9th Ave , S Milwaukee WI 53172

2. Rick wrote the following about the computer program; "ISOTOL interfaces just fine with AutoCAD. The software works just fine with MDT. It is straight forward and easy to use. It is a simple program that would be of great value to anyone that needs to figure tolerancing".  Rick Novara ricknovara at compuserve.com ; Phone 704 921 0303 ; Fax 704 921 0304 , Novara Engineering, 12325 Mallard Ridge Drive, Charlotte NC 28269.

Industry Users of Metric Standards Book, Software’s or Training Program


Preferred Basic Sizes .
The first choice sizes follow approximately the preferred number series R5 wheresucceeding numbers in the series increase by 60% . The second choice series shown arerounded off from the R10 series of preferred numbers (25% increments) . Third choice sizesshown are rounded off from the R20 series of preferred numbers (12% increments) . Thebasic sizes conform to the ISO 497 R"20 rounded series. The preferred numberingsystem is important to use when selecting sizes in the metric system . The French armycaptain , Charles Renard , was able to reduce the number of different rope sizes used inarmy balloons from .. 425 .. to .. 17 , with the aid of the series . The preferred numberseries are designated R5 , R10 , R20 , etc . after the French army captain.
The selection of sizes in the metric system differ from the selection of sizes in the inchsystem since each inch contain 25 integer (whole) millimeter sizes in the length of oneinch . The inch fractions have functioned to some extent as a rationalizing tool . Thefraction 1/2 is preferred over 1/4 ; 1/4 is preferred over 1/8 ; 1/8 is preferred over1/16 ; etc .


Preferred Fits and Tolerance Zones
Ten (10) preferred hole and ten (10) preferred shaft basis fits ranging from loose runningto interference fits may be selected in the   KOK ISOTOL™  Computer TolerancingSoftware   main screen.   You will see instant display ofhole, shaft and fit limits.    For special fits you may choose from 150other hole and shaft tolerances.   The first choice tolerance zones are clearlymarked (F-green), and they are those used in the ten (10) preferred fits .
The   KOK ISOTOL™   Computer Tolerancing Software    will allow the user,  ifrequired,  to modify the preferred fits to satisfy a special requirement.  The mating part may be changed and at the same time the user could specify one of thepreferred hole tolerances ; H11 , H9 , H8 , or H7 or one of the preferred shaft tolerances; h11 , h9 , h7 , or h6.   These tolerance zones are also preferred in the ISO1829 standard . National standards for cold finished steel rodmaterial reflect the four (4)preferred shaft tolerances h11 , h9 , h7 , and h6 in the largest industrial countries ofthe world . This is very important for rationalization purposes in industry. The potentialbenefits this may give USA and worldwide manufacturing,  is just immense.  It should produce even more savings than the millions of dollars gained in EU industriesover the past 70 years.
The ANSI B4.4M was withdrawn, and is now replaced by the ISO 1938-2012 standard.
For nearly two years a free online version of the ISOTOLTM has been available. The online version was not intended to help design a metric fit, but to interpret an existing metric fit and convert it to inches. New online versions will be available later this year.
The free online ISOTOLTM version will no longer be available. A new paid edition will probably be published later this year. For now, just use the details about the system shown in the free Chapter 6 or buy the ISOTOLTM CD. You may want to purchase the first edition of the software stored on an ISO TOLTM CD.  
Order your copy of
TOLTM Metric Limits Software today! 
 ( Price $250.00 Part no. RKOK-CDTOL )


The ISO System of Limits and Fits is documented in the ASME B4.2 (tolerances) and ASME B4.4M (gages) standards , and in the  METRIC STANDARDS for Worldwide Manufacturing  books.  The data in the ISOTOLTM Computer Tolerance Software is according to the ASME B4.2,  ISO 286-2 and ISO 1829 standards.  The preferred metric sizes shown are according to the ASME B4.2 and ISO 497 R20' standards.  The software runs on any Windows versions. 

ISOTOL METRIC STANDARDS for Worldwide Manufacturing Metrication Consulting Services
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