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LEGRIS LF3800 Stainless Steel Push-to-Connect Fittings

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The LF3800 fitting is suited for use with aggressive or corrosive fluids or environments; also for hygienic or sterile areas.

Some areas of application include:

The LF3800 fitting has an integral gripping collet, washer and o-ring. Thecollet is used to hold the tubing in place and the viton o-ring seals theconnection on the outside diameter (O.D.) of the tubing. The collet hassix areas which bite into the tubing, called gripping teeth. The colletbites onto the tubing when positive pressure is applied or if the tube isbeing pulled.

The body of the fitting is formed after the collet, washer and o-ring areinstalled in the stainless steel housing.

LF3800 fittings also contain a stainless steel washer. The washerseparates the viton o-ring from the collet, protecting it at the same time. Theo-ring is captive under the washer by virtue of the swaging action whenthe body is formed. The presence of this washer leaves a small amount ofcompression on the o-ring even in its static state, ensuring a qualityseal for a wide range of pressures. To release the tubing from thefitting, depress the collet before pulling the tube out of the fitting.When you press down on the collet you are keeping the collet locking slopeaway from the integral angle of the body.

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