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    Chapter Page index for KHK Individual 3013 Catalog sections
    Starts/Ends on page Chapter Description
    "2-12.pdf" Inroduction
    "13-16.pdf" Pictorial Indexes
    "17-29.pdf" Selection methods
    "30-163.pdf" Spur Gears: Ground Spur Gears, Ground Spur Pinion Shafts, Ground Spur Gears, Spur Pinion Shafts, Steel Spur Gears, Steel Hubless Spur Gears, Steel Thin Face Spur Gears, Steel Hubless Thin Face, Spur Gears, Spur Gears with Built-In Clamps, Sintered Metal Spur Gears, Stainless Steel Spur Gears, Stainless Steel Fairloc Hub, Spur Gears, Acetal Fairloc Hub Spur Gears, Plastic Spur Gears with, Steel Core, Plastic Spur Gears with, Stainless Steel Core, Plastic Spur Gears, Stainless Steel Hubs, Injection Molded Spur Gears
    "164-181.pdf" Helical Gears: Ground Helical Gears, Steel Helical Gears
    "182-187.pdf" Internal Gears: Steel Internal Gears, Steel Ring Gears
    "188-225.pdf" Racks: Ground Racks, Thermal Refined Racks with Machined Ends, Ground Racks, SpurGear, Steel Racks, Steel Racks with Machined Ends, Steel Racks with Bolts Holes, HelicalGears, InternalGears, Stainless Steel Racks, Plastic Racks, Brass Racks, Molded Flexible Racks, Molded Flexible Racks, Pinions, Rack Guide Rails, Rack Clamps, Steel Round Racks
    "226-251.pdf" CP Racks & Pinions: Tapered Pinions, Tapered Racks, Ground Spur Gears, Ground Racks CP, Steel Spur Gears, Thermal Refined Racks, Racks CP, Round Racks CP, Stainless Steel Racks CP, CP Stainless Steel Spur Gears, Metal Flexible Racks CP
    "252-281.pdf" Miter Gears: Ground Spiral Miter Gears, Finished Bore Spiral Miter Gears, Spiral Miter Gears, Ground Zerol Miter Gears, Finished Bore Miter Gears, Carburized & Hardened Miter Gears, Sintered Metal Miter Gears, Steel Miter Gears, Angular Miter Gears, Stainless Steel Miter Gears, Finished Bore Stainless, Steel Miter Gears, Plastic Miter Gears, Injection Molded Miter Gears, Sintered Metal Bushings, Ground Spiral Miter Gears
    "282-325.pdf" Bevel Gears: High-Ratio Hypoid Gears, Ground Spiral Bevel Gears, Ground Spiral Bevel Gears, Finished Bore Spiral Bevel Gears, Spiral Bevel Gears, Ground Zerol Bevel Gears, Steel Bevel Gears & Pinion Shafts, Stainless Steel Bevel Gears. Plastic Bevel Gears, Injection Molded Bevel Gears, Sintered Metal Bushings, Ground Spiral Bevel Gears
    "326-339.pdf" Screw Gears:Steel Screw Gears, Aluminum-Bronze Screw, Stainless Steel Screw Gears, Plastic Screw Gears
    "340-395.pdf" Worm Gear Pairs: Bronze Worm Wheels, Duplex Worm Wheels, Gray Iron Worm Wheels, Ground Worm Shafts, Ground Worms, Plastic Worm Wheels, Steel Worms, Worm Wheels, Ground Worms, Steel Worms, Bronze Worm Wheels & Gray Iron Worm Wheels, Stainless Steel Worms, Plastic Worm Wheels
    "396-411.pdf" Gear Boxes: Miniature Bevel Gearboxes, Bevel Gearboxes, Bevel Gearboxes
    "412-428.pdf" Other Products: Pawls & Ratchets, Involute Spline Shafts, Spline Bushings, Gear Couplings, Master Gears (Spur Gear)
    "429-451.pdf" Company info

    Product Groups included in the catalog
    AG Worm WheelsSB Steel Bevel Gears & Pinion Shafts
    AGDL Duplex Worms WheelsSBS Spiral Bevel Gears
    AGF Worm WheelsSBSG Ground Spiral Bevel Gears
    AN Aluminum-Bronze Screw GearsSBY Steel Bevel Gears
    ARL Rack Guide RailsSBZG Ground Zerol Bevel Gears
    BB Sintered Metal BushingsSH Steel Helical Gears
    BG Bronze Worm WheelsSI Steel Internal Gears
    BSR Brass RacksSIR Steel Ring Gears
    BSS Brass Spur GearsSM Steel Miter Gears
    CBX Bevel GearboxesSMA Finished Bore Miter Gears
    CG Gray Iron Worm WheelsSMB Finished Bore Miter Gears
    DB Injection Molded Bevel GearsSMC Finished Bore Miter Gears
    DG Plastic Worm WheelsSMS Spiral Miter Gears
    DM Injection Molded Miter GearsSMSG Ground Spiral Miter Gears
    DR Molded Flexible RacksSMZG Ground Zerol Miter Gears
    DRF Plastic RacksSN Steel Screw Gears
    DRFD Plastic RacksSR Steel Racks
    DRFK Plastic RacksSRAF Steel Racks with Machined Ends
    DS Injection Molded Spur GearsSRAFD Racks
    DSL Acetal Fairloc Hub Spur GearsSRAFK Racks
    FRCP CP Metal Flexible RacksSRCP CP Racks
    GC Gear Couplings (Inner Hubs)SRCPF CP Racks
    GC-I Gear Couplings (Outer Rings)SRCPFD CP Racks
    GCU Gear Assembly KitSRCPFK CP Racks
    KBX Bevel GearboxesSRCPF-H CP Hardened Racks
    KHG Ground Helical GearsSRCPFD-H CP Hardened Racks
    KRCPF CP Thermal Refined RacksSRF Steel Racks with Machined Ends
    KRCPF-H CP Hardened RacksSRFD Steel Racks with Bolts Holes
    KRCPFD CP Thermal Refined RacksSRFK Steel Racks with Bolts Holes
    KRCPFD-H CP Hardened RacksSRF-H Hardened Racks
    KRF Thermal Refined RacksSRFD-H Hardened Racks
    KRF-H Hardened RacksSRG Hardened Ground Racks
    KRFD Thermal Refined RacksSRGCP CP Hardened Ground Racks
    KRFD-H Hardened RacksSRGCPF CP Hardened Ground Racks
    KRG Thermal Refined Ground RacksSRGCPFD CP Hardened Ground Racks
    KRGCP CP Thermal Refined Ground RacksSRGF Ground Racks
    KRGCPF CP Thermal Refined Ground RacksSRGFD Ground Racks
    KRGCPD CP Thermal Refined Ground RacksSRGFK Ground Racks
    KRGCPF-H CP Hardened Ground RacksSRH Steel Helical Racks
    KRGCPFD-H CP Hardened Ground RacksSRHF Steel Helical Racks
    KRGD Thermal Refined Ground RacksSRHFD Steel Helical Racks
    KRGF Thermal Refined Ground RacksSRO Steel Round Racks
    KRGF-H Hardened Ground RacksSROCP Round Racks
    KRGFD-H Hardened Ground RacksSROS Round Racks
    K KRHG Ground Helical RacksSRS Rack Clamps
    KRHGF Ground Helical RacksSRT Ratchets
    KRHGFD Ground Helical RacksSRTB Ratchets with Hubs
    KSCP CP Spur GearsSRT-C Pawls
    KSP Ground Spiral Bevel GearsSS Steel Spur Gears
    KTSCP CP Tapered PinionsSSA Steel Hubless Spur Gears
    KWG Ground Worm ShaftsSSAY Steel Hubless Thin Face Spur Gears
    KWGDL Duplex WormsSSAY/K Spur Gears with Built-In Clamps
    KWGDLS Duplex WormsSSCP CP Steel Spur Gears
    LM Sintered Metal Miter GearsSSCPG CP Ground Spur Gears
    LS Sintered Metal Spur GearsSSCPGS CP Ground Spur Pinion Shafts
    MBSA Finished Bore Spiral Bevel GearsSSDR DR Rack Pinions
    MBSB Finished Bore Spiral Bevel GearsSSG Ground Spur Gears
    MBSG Ground Spiral Bevel GearsSSGS Ground Spur Pinion Shafts
    MHP High-Ratio Hypoid GearsSSR Steel Ring Gears (Spur Gears)
    MM Carburized & Hardened Miter GearsSSS Spur Pinion Shafts
    MMS Spiral Miter GearsSSY Steel Thin Face Spur Gears
    MMSA Finished Bore Spiral Miter GearsSTRCPF CP Tapered Racks
    MMSB Finished Bore Spiral Miter GearsSTRCPFD CP Tapered Racks
    MMSG Ground Spiral Miter GearsSUB Stainless Steel Bevel Gears
    MRGCPF CP Hardened Ground RacksSUKB Stainless Steel Hubs
    MRGCPFD CP Hardened Ground RacksSUM Stainless Steel Miter Gears
    MRGF Hardened Ground RacksSUMA Finished Bore Stainless Steel Miter Gears
    MRGFD Hardened Ground RacksSUN Stainless Steel Screw Gears
    MSCPG CP Ground Spur GearsSUR Stainless Steel Racks
    MSGA Ground Spur GearsSURCPF CP Stainless Steel Racks
    MSGB Ground Spur GearsSURCPFD CP Stainless Steel Racks
    NSU Plastic Spur Gears with Steel CoreSURF Stainless Steel Racks
    PB Plastic Bevel GearsSURFD Stainless Steel Racks
    PBX Miniature Bevel GearboxesSURO Stainless Steel Round Racks
    PG Plastic Worm WheelsSUS Stainless Steel Spur Gears
    PM Plastic Miter GearsSUSA Stainless Steel Spur Gears
    PN Plastic Screw GearsSUSCP CP Stainless Steel Spur Gears
    PR Plastic RacksSUSL Stainless Steel Fairloc Hub Spur Gears
    PRF Plastic RacksSUW Stainless Steel Worms
    PS Plastic Spur GearsSV Involute Spline Shafts
    PSA Plastic Spur GearsSVI Involute Spline Bushings
    PU Plastic Spur Gears with Stainless Steel CoreSW Steel Worms
    SAM Angular Miter GearsSWG Ground Worms
    SB Steel Bevel Gears

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