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Anticorrosion lining PTFE

Antiextrusion rings (back-up rings)

Applications (O-Rings)
Applications: static or dynamic (O-Rings)
Applications: dimensioning (O-Rings)
Applications: glands, squeeze and extension (O-Rings)
Applications: back-up rings for O-Rings
Applications: surface finish (O-Rings)
Applications: relative speeds (O-Rings)
Applications: assembly (O-Rings)

Assembly (applications - O-Rings)

  Back-up rings for O-Rings (applications)

Basic shapes (PTFE)
Basic shapes (PTFE): extruded rods
Basic shapes (PTFE): molded rods
Basic shapes (PTFE): extruded tubes
Basic shapes (PTFE): molded tubes
Basic shapes (PTFE): skived tapes
Basic shapes (PTFE): sheets
Basic shapes (PTFE): spaghetti tubings
Basic shapes (PTFE): thin-wall tubings
Basic shapes (PTFE): impregnated glass fabrics
Basic shapes (PTFE): unsintered rods
Basic shapes (PTFE): expanded sealants

Behavior in presence of foreign agents (properties of virginPTFE)

  Chemical resistance (materials - O-Rings)

Classification of elastomers (compounds - O-Rings)

Compounds: classification of elastomers (O-Rings)
Compounds: standard compounds (O-Rings)
Compounds: physical characteristics (O-Rings)
Compounds: chemical resistance (O-Rings)
Compounds: tear and wear resistance (O-Rings)
Compounds: electrical characteristics (O-Rings)
Compounds: special compounds (O-Rings)
Compounds: special norms and standards (O-Rings)
Compounds: table chemical resistance (O-Rings)

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Customer service

  Datasheet (filled PTFE)
Datasheet (virgin PTFE )

Design (O-Rings)

Dimensioning: O-Rings

Dimensioning (PTFE): extruded rods
Dimensioning (PTFE): molded rods
Dimensioning (PTFE): extruded tubes
Dimensioning (PTFE): molded tubes
Dimensioning (PTFE): skived tapes
Dimensioning (PTFE): sheets
Dimensioning (PTFE): spaghetti tubings
Dimensioning (PTFE): thin-wall tubings
Dimensioning (PTFE): impregnated glass fabrics
Dimensioning (PTFE): unsintered rods
Dimensioning (PTFE): expanded sealants

Dimensioning (applications - O-Rings)

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Electrical characteristics (compounds - O-Rings)

Electrical properties (virgin PTFE)
Electrical properties (filled PTFE)

Environment (use - O-Rings)

Expanded PTFE sealants

Extreme temperature conditions (use - O-Rings)

Extruded rubber cords

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Filler functions (properties of filled PTFE)

Flexible PTFE hoses

Fluid contact consequences (O-Rings)

Food compatibility (use - O-Rings)

Foreword (O-Rings)

Function (O-Rings)

  GAPI Group: highlights

GAPI s.r.l. Headquarter, Manufacturing

GAPI s.r.l. Compounds

General principles (O-Rings)

Generality (virgin PTFE)
Generality (filled PTFE)

Glands, squeeze and extension (applications - O-Rings)

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  Impregnated PTFE glass fabrics

Index (O-Rings)

Industrial seals

Materials: classification of elastomers (O-Rings)
Materials: standard compounds (O-Rings)
Materials: physical characteristics (O-Rings)
Materials: chemical resistance (O-Rings)
Materials: tear and wear resistance (O-Rings)
Materials: electrical characteristics (O-Rings)
Materials: special compounds (O-Rings)
Materials: special norms and standards (O-Rings)
Materials: table chemical resistance (O-Rings)

Medical compatibility (use - O-Rings)

Metal seals
Metal seals: lens gaskets
Metal seals: spiral wound gaskets
Metal seals: metal jacketed seals
Metal seals: flat seals

Molded tubes (PTFE)

  Norms and standards (O-Rings)

Number (phone, fax and e-mail)

  O-Rings: index
O-Rings: generality
O-Rings: general principles
O-Rings: function
O-Rings: design
O-Rings: norms and standards
O-Rings: quality
O-Rings: dimensional tolerances (this page is not currently available)
O-Rings: surface imperfections
O-Rings: storage
O-Rings: warranty on products
O-Rings: dimensioning

O-Rings: applications
O-Rings: applications (static or dynamic)
O-Rings: applications (dimensioning)
O-Rings: applications (glands, squeeze and extension)
O-Rings: applications (back-up)
O-Rings: applications (surface finish)
O-Rings: applications (relative speeds)
O-Rings: applications (assembly)

O-Rings: materials
O-Rings: materials (classification of elastomers)
O-Rings: materials (standard compounds)
O-Rings: materials (physical characteristics)
O-Rings: materials (chemical resistance)
O-Rings: materials (tear and wear resistance)
O-Rings: materials (electrical characteristics)
O-Rings: materials (special compounds)
O-Rings: materials (special norms and standards)
O-Rings: materials (table chemical resistance)

O-Rings: use
O-Rings: use (environment)
O-Rings: use (fluid contact consequences)
O-Rings: use (extreme temperature conditions)
O-Rings: use (pressure - vacuum)
O-Rings: use (food compatibility)
O-Rings: use (medical compatibility)


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Physical - mechanical properties (virgin PTFE)
Physical - mechanical properties (filled PTFE)
Physical characteristics (compounds - O-Rings)

Pressure, vacuum (use - O-Rings)

Products: industrial seals
Products: PTFE

Properties of virgin PTFE
Properties of filled PTFE
Properties: physical - mechanical (virgin PTFE)
Properties: physical - mechanical (filled PTFE)
Properties: thermal (virgin PTFE)
Properties: thermal (filled PTFE)
Properties: electrical (virgin PTFE)
Properties: electrical (filled PTFE)
Properties: surface (virgin PTFE)


PTFE Basic shapes
PTFE Basic shapes: extruded rods
PTFE Basic shapes: molded rods
PTFE Basic shapes: extruded tubes
PTFE Basic shapes: molded tubes
PTFE Basic shapes: skived tapes
PTFE Basic shapes: sheets
PTFE Basic shapes: spaghetti tubings
PTFE Basic shapes: thin-wall tubings
PTFE Basic shapes: impregnated glass fabrics
PTFE Basic shapes: unsintered rods
PTFE Basic shapes: expanded sealants

PTFE virgin
PTFE virgin: generality
PTFE virgin: properties
PTFE virgin: properties (thermal)
PTFE virgin: properties (behavior in presence of foreign agents)
PTFE virgin: properties (physical-mechanical)
PTFE virgin: properties (electrical)
PTFE virgin: properties (surface)
PTFE virgin: datasheet

PTFE filled
PTFE filled: generality
PTFE filled: properties
PTFE filled: properties (filler functions)
PTFE filled: properties (physical-mechanical)
PTFE filled: properties (thermal)
PTFE filled: properties(electrical)
PTFE filled: properties (tolerances)
PTFE filled: datasheet

PTFE other products
PTFE other products: anticorrosion lining
PTFE other products: flexible hoses

  Quality (O-Rings)
  Relative speeds (applications - O-Rings)

Ring joints

Rods - extruded (PTFE)
Rods - molded (PTFE)
Rods - unsintered (PTFE)

Rotary shaft seals

Rubber molded parts


Seals for reciprocating movement

Sheets (PTFE)

Skived tapes (PTFE)

Storage (O-Rings)

Spaghetti tubings (PTFE)

Surface finish (applications - O-Rings)

Surface imperfections (O-Rings)

Surface properties (virgin PTFE)

  Table chemical resistance (compounds - O-Rings)

Tear and wear resistance (materials - O-Rings)

Thermal properties (virgin PTFE)
Thermal properties (filled PTFE)
Thin-wall tubings (PTFE)

Tolerances (dimensional - O-Rings) (this page is not currently available)
Tolerances (defects - O-Rings)

Tubes - extruded (PTFE)

  Use (O-Rings)
Use: environment (O-Rings)
Use: fluid contact consequences (O-Rings)
Use: extreme temperature conditions (O-Rings)
Use: pressure - vacuum (O-Rings)
Use: food compatibility (O-Rings)
Use: medical compatibility (O-Rings)
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  Warranty on products (O-Rings)
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