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Maryland Metrics would like to make your Internet order as trouble free as possible. If you have questions, please refer to the information below. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please call us at (410)358-3130 or (800)638-1830; or fax us 24/7 at (410)358-3142 or (800)872-9329; or email at sales@mdmetric.com.   Our business hours are M-F, 9:00 - 5:30 EST.

1.   How to place an Internet order
2.   How to place an order by phone, fax, or mail
3.   Missing order or confirmation
4.   Checking the status of your order

5.   International Orders/Shipping
6.   Requesting order changes and cancellations

7.   Maryland Metrics return policy
8.   Checking the status of your return or credit
9.   Reporting a problem with placing an order
10. Other Ordering problems

1. Information on security
2. Our Privacy Policy
3. Finding a Product
4. Warranty Information

How to Place an Internet Order

Search options:

Find the product(s) you want by using our various search options:

How to place an order by phone, fax, email or mail

By Phone:

You can call our toll-free Customer Service number at (800)638-1830 (U.S. and Canadian only), or call (410)358-3130 for international orders. Phone order desk hours: 9 AM - 5:30 PM Monday-Friday.

By Fax:
If you would like to place an order by fax, simply complete the fax form or print your online order and fax to Maryland Metrics Order Department at (410)358-3142 or (800)872-9329.

By Email:
Please use our online Secure order form  

By Mail:
To order through the mail, simply complete the fax form or online order, print it out,and mail it with your credit card information; or a check or money order payable to Maryland Metrics:

Maryland Metrics Order Department
P.O.Box 261
Owings Mills, MD 21117-0261

We accept the following credit cards. Amex, Visa, Mastercard & Discover.


Important: Please submit your billing information exactly as it appears on your credit card statement. We have to verify name, complete address, phone number, and security code number (CVV) before we process any order. Submitting incorrect or invalid billing information will cause an order or be delayed or canceled.

Missing order or confirmation and backorders

When you place an on-line order with Maryland Metrics via the Internet you will automatically receive an order confirmation or 'Thank you' by e-mail. If an item on your order is out of stock, you will receive an email notifying you whether you would like us to ship or wait for the entire order to be processed.

If you do not receive an order confirmation or 'Thank you' email:

If you did not get an order confirmation email after submitting your order, we did not receive your order. Please note: If you placed your order on Saturday or Sunday, please allow until Monday afternoon to receive your confirmation, as we are closed on the weekends. Otherwise, please try to place your order again either through the Internet or by calling our toll-free customer service number (800)638-1830.

If you do not receive your order:

If you did receive an order confirmation page, but did not receive an order, we may have had a problem contacting you via e-mail or with your delivery. You can call (800)638-1830, please provide us with the date you placed the order, purchase order number, bill-to name and address, ship-to name and address and e-mail address.

If you have any additional questions or comments regarding a possible missing order, please call (800)638-1830 or email at sales@mdmetric.com

Checking the status of your order

You are anxiously awaiting your Maryland Metrics order, and we want to let you know when your order will arrive.

When is my order going to arrive?
Your order will generally be shipped within one to two days of receipt for in-stock items. We will also notify you if the product you ordered is out of stock and when we expect to ship it to you. Please note the shipping times below are in addition to the days processing time noted above. 

Standard shipping
If the products you ordered are in stock, in most instances we will ship your order within one to two days after receiving the order. If the shipping address is in the continental United States, your order should arrive within one day to two weeks via United Parcel Service (UPS) (Note: Shipping times may vary seasonally.)

Overnight and other options
UPS, FEDEX, DHL International and the United States Post Office all offer many types of expedited shipping options. Please enter or select these options on the order form.

Actual shipping time is contingent upon availability of merchandise and credit verification. We do not ship on weekends. In the event of delays, we will attempt to contact you by phone, fax or Email.

International Orders/Shipping

International Orders
We also accept international orders online.
Please call us at (410)358-3130 or fax at (410)358-3142. Or use our fax form.

International Shipping
We suggest using UPS International, Federal Express, DHL International or United States Post Office mail; rates are very competitive and your order can be tracked. If this was a personal order and if you do not have a personal FedEx number or UPS account number, perhaps your company does, plus corporate FedEx rates and UPS rates may be cheaper. We also offer international shipping via mail.
Please contact   ups.gif (1400 bytes)   or    fedex.gif (1844 bytes)   or   DHLLogo.gif   or   uspo.gif
for exact international shipping rates.

Please Note:
All international customers are responsible for any duties and/or tariffs levied upon their order(s).  Extra charges are not reflected in the price or shipping costs of our products, and therefore, Maryland Metrics, does not take responsibility for costs imposed by customs. If you are unaware of these potential charges it is suggested that you contact your local customs office for more information.

Attention Canadian customers!
according to UPS...
"For standard shipments to Canada, UPS provides Customs Brokerage service unless otherwise specified by the importer. The importer is responsible for all brokerage charges, duties, and taxes at time of import."

What does this mean? You might be levied "brokerage" charges by UPS upon receiving your package. Please contact UPS for fees and exact details.

Additional information about your order:
Should you wish to know the status of your shipped order, please call us at (410)358-3130 or (800)638-1830, we will provide you with your carriers tracking number.
You can then either call the carrier ot visit their website.
UPS International
Federal Express
DHL International
United States Post Office
These systems can provide you with information regarding the current location of your order.

If you are experiencing an extra-long waiting time for your order to arrive, please email us at sales@mdmetric.com, and we will be happy to assist you in any way that we can.


Requesting order changes and cancellations

If you have placed an order with Maryland Metrics and have decided to cancel the order, please call (410)358-3130 or (800)638-1830 or email sales@mdmetric.com. We will confirm the cancellation within 24 hours (Note: special orders, and orders for normally non-stocked quantities are non-cancelable). If the order has already been shipped and it is composed of normally stocked items and normally stocked quantities, we will provide you with information on how to return it.

Maryland Metrics return policy


If for any reason you find a product unsatisfactory and it is composed of normally stocked items and normally stocked quantities, you can return it (shipping charges prepaid) for a full refund - less 15% restocking fee -  within 30 days of receipt of merchandise. No returns will be accepted after 30 days. Please contact Maryland Metrics for a return authorization (RA) number before returning any products. Please return the product to the following address:

Maryland Metrics
(Returns) please insert the return authorization (RA) number on his line
6119 Oakleaf Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21215

Any quality or engineering concerns about Maryland Metrics products or services should be directed to our Technical Service Department at techinfo@mdmetric.com

(Note: Any technical support questions about individual software products should be directed to the manufacturer's technical support staff.)

Reporting a problem with placing an order

We are constantly striving to make it easier for our customers to order online. If you are experiencing a problem ordering over the Internet, please let us know. We apologize for any inconvenience a problem may have caused. In the meantime, you can place your order over the phone by calling our Customer Service numbers: (410)358-3130 or (800)638-1830. Customer Service desk hours: 9 AM - 5:30 PM Monday-Friday.

Other ordering problems

If you experience any other ordering problems, we would really like to know. Please provide us with additional questions, comments or ideas that you may have that might make the ordering process easier. You can email these to sales@mdmetric.com

Information on security

At Maryland Metrics, we take the security of your online transactions seriously. Our shopping system supports SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption process, which is supported by all major browsers. SSL encryption makes your online ordering safe and is the adopted standard for processing a secure credit card order over the Internet.

You may use our online Secure order form  

If you are not comfortable ordering online you may call (410)358-3130 or (800)638-1830, or use our printable/faxable HTML order form or an Acrobat PDF printable/faxable order form   for your order

Our Privacy Policy

Maryland Metrics website (index.html) is maintained by Maryland Metrics P.O.Box 261 Owings Mills, MD 21117. The webmaster can be reached by e-mail at  webmaster@mdmetric.com.

MARYLAND METRICS Internet Privacy Policy Statement: Our company recognizes the importance of protecting the privacy of Personally Identifying Information about you as a user of this web site. This web site does not collect Personally Identifying Information about you except for information that you voluntarily provide (for example, when you post a message to a bulletin board or provide shipping and billing information for an online purchase).

We consider the following to be Personally Identifying Information: your name, address, phone number, date of birth, job, personal interests, credit card information, and if linked with your other Personally Identifying Information, your email address, shopping selections and data about the pages you visited on this web site. Personally Identifying Information is used by Maryland Metrics only to process your online purchases. Personally Identifying Information is treated confidentially within Maryland Metrics. This web site does not share Personally Identifying Information outside Maryland Metrics with third parties.

Users should be reminded that any Personally Identifying Information that is voluntarily posted by a user to a public area of this web site (for example, a posting to a bulletin board or chat room) may always be collected and used by others. We cannot prevent such uses.

Finding a product

We carry over 1,200,000 different products. While we want to make finding these products as easy as possible, currently only a portion of these are available online. If you cannot find something. If there is a special product that you think we should carry, let us know. We would love to hear from you. Please contact us by phone, e-mail or mail with your inquiries.

Find the product(s) you want by using our various search options:


Warranty Information


Many products are covered under manufacturer's warranties. Please refer to individual products for specific information.

Phones: (800) 638-1830 or (410) 358-3130 are available Monday-Friday 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM Eastern time.
Faxes: (800) 872-9329 or (410) 358-3142 & E-mail are available anytime.
Warehouse & showroom hours are Monday-Friday 10 AM to 5:30 PM.
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