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  Quality Tools for a Safe Workplace – Since 1922
  are available from: MARYLAND METRICS
Quality Tools for a Safe Workplace,
Non Sparking, Non Magnetic, Corrosion Resistant

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Adze, Railroad, Awl, Axes, Barrel Hook, Bars, Pry, Pinch & Crow, Broom, Drive Arbor, 11-21
Brushes, Caulking Tools, Chisels, Clamps, Clay Digger, Pneumatic, Crate Opener, 11-21
Drift Pins, Drum Opener, Dust Pans, Files, Firemanís Hook, Flange Spreader, Pike Pole, Forks, Halligan11-21
Hammers, Hatchet, Hex Nut Drivers, Hoes, Knives, Mallets, Mattock, Mop Holder, 22-38
Nail Puller, Picks, Pins, Pipe Cutter, Pliers, Punches, Rake, Saws, Scoop, Sugar, 22-38
Scrapers, Screwdrivers, Scriber, Double End, Shears/Snips, Shovels22-38
Adapter, Ratchet, Wrench, Ratchet, Bars, Extension & Sliding, Spatulas, Speed Handle, 39-50
Universal Joint, Wrench Handle, Hinged, Wrench Handle, Speed, Spike, Marlin, Trowel, 39-50
Tweezer, Wedges, Wrench, Adjustable, Hex Key, Wrench, Allen, Wrench, Box for Extension, 39-50
Extension for Box Wrench, Wrench, Box End, Wrench, Bung, Wrench, Chain Pipe, Wrench, Combination39-50
Key, Water/Gas, Water/Gas Key, Wrench, Construction, Wrench, Gas & Water Shutoff Key, 51-63
Wrench, Hose Coupling, Wrench, Monkey (Railroad), Wrench, Open End, Wrench, Pipe, Wrench, 51-63
Sockets, Wrench, Spanner, Wrench, Striking, Valve Wheel Hook, Wrench, Valve Wheel, Yarning Tool51-63
Kits, Tool Kits64-65
Marine Tool Kits67
Commemorative Items67

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The catalog is divided into several sections. Some tools may appear in multiple sections
due to the order of their placement in the catalog. 

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Click here for an 'html' version of the Ampco Safety Tools price list & discount schedule or Click here for a 'PDF' version.

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