Bonded Seal part number comparison chart.

new Part Number Obsolete Part Number new Part Number Obsolete Part Number new Part Number Obsolete Part Number new Part Number Obsolete Part Number
BSM000031 BSM000031 BS400-232 BS232 BS400-001 BS001 BS400-519 BS519
BSM100031 BSM100031 BS400-320 BS320 BSW200005 BSW200005 BS400-510 BS510
BS400-301 BS301 BS400-233 BS233 BSW200006 BSW200006 BS400-511 BS511
BSM000041 BSM000041 BS400-321 BS321 BS400-002 BS002 BS400-512 BS512
BS400-201 BS201 BS400-234 BS234 BSW200008 BSW200008 BS400-513 BS513
BS400-202 BS202 BS400-323 BS323 BS400-003 BS003 BS400-514 BS514
BS400-302 BS302 BS400-235 BS235 BSW200190 BSW200190 BS400-515 BS515
BSM000049 BSM000049 BS400-236 BS236 BSW200216 BSW200216 BS400-516 BS516
BS400-303 BS303 BS400-237 BS237 BS400-004 BS004 BS400-517 BS517
BS400-203 BS203 BS400-324 BS324 BS400-005 BS005 BS400-518 BS518
BSM100057 BSM100057 BS400-325 BS325 BSW200250 BSW200250    
BS400-204 BS204 BS400-238 BS238 BS400-006 BS006 BS500-8045 BS8045
BS400-205 BS205 BS400-326 BS326 BS400-007 BS007 BS500-8057 BS8057
BS400-304 BS304 BSM000267 BSM000267 BSW200312 BSW200312 BS500-8067 BS8067
BS400-206 BS206 BSM000270 BSM000270 BSW200375 BSW200375 BS500-866 BS866
BS400-207 BS207 BS400-327 BS327 BS400-020 BS020 BS500-708 BS708
BS400-208 BS208 BS400-240 BS240 BS400-008 BS008 BS500-867 BS867
BS400-305 BS305 BS400-328 BS328 BS400-009 BS009 BS500-868 BS868
BSM000069 BSM000069 BS400-329 BS329 BSW200437 BSW200437 BS500-870 BS870
BS400-306 BS306 BSM000287 BSM000287 BSW200500 BSW200500 BS500-872 BS872
BSM000070 BSM000070 BS400-330 BS330 BS400-021 BS021 BS500-873 BS873
BS400-209 BS209 BS400-331 BS331 BS400-010 BS010 BS500-874 BS874
BS400-210 BS210 BS400-242 BS242 BSW200562 BSW200562 BS500-875 BS875
BS400-211 BS211 BS400-332** BS332 BS400-022 BS022    
BS400-307 BS307 BS400-243** BS243 BS400-011 BS011 BS800-020 BS820
BS400-212 BS212 BSM000339 BSM000339 BSW200625 BSW200625 BS800-021 BS821
BS400-213 BS213 BSM100339 BSM100339 BS400-023 BS023 BS800-069 BS869
BSM200087 BSM200087 BS400-244 BS244 BS400-012 BS012 BS800-023 BS823
BS400-214 BS214 BS400-245 BS245 BSW200687 BSW200687 BS800-071 BS871
BS400-215 BS215 BS400-333 BS333 BS400-024 BS024 BS800-025 BS825
BS400-216 BS216 BS400-246 BS246 BSW200750 BSW200750 BS800-027 BS827
BS400-217 BS217 BS400-334 BS334 BS400-025 BS025 BS800-027 BS827
BS400-310 BS310 BS400-247 BS247 BSW200812 BSW200812 BS800-029 BS829
BS400-218 BS218 BS400-335 BS335 BS400-026 BS026 BS800-030 BS830
BS400-219 BS219 BS400-336 BS336 BSW200875 BSW200875 BS800-032 BS832
BS400-312 BS312 BS400-248 BS248 BS400-013 BS013 BS800-033 BS833
BS400-220 BS220 BS400-337 BS337 BSW200937 BSW200937 BS800-034 BS834
BS400-221 BS221 BSM000517 BSM000517 BSW201000 BSW201000 BS800-036 BS836
BS400-222 BS222 BS400-249 BS249 BS400-027 BS027 BS800-038 BS838
BS400-313 BS313 BS400-250 BS250 BS400-028 BS028 BS800-039 BS839
BS400-223 BS223 BS400-251 BS251 BS400-014 BS014    
BS400-224 BS224 BS400-252 BS252 BSW201125 BSW201125    
BSM100137 BSM100137 BS400-253 BS253 BS400-029 BS029    
BS400-225 BS225 BSM000761 BSM000761 BS400-015 BS015    
BSM300137 BSM300137 BS400-254 BS254 BSW201250 BSW201250    
BS400-315 BS315 BS400-255 BS255 BS400-031 BS031    
BS400-226 BS226 ** same size   BS400-030 BS030    
BS400-316 BS316     BS400-016 BS016    
BS400-227 BS227     BS400-017 BS017    
BSM000149 BSM000149     BSW201500 BSW201500    
BS400-228 BS228     BS400-032 BS032    
BSM000165 BSM000165     BS400-018 BS018    
BS400-317 BS317     BS400-033 BS033    
BS400-229 BS229     BS400-019 BS019    
BS400-319 BS319     BS400-034 BS034    
BS400-318 BS318     BS400-035 BS035    
BS400-230 BS230     BS400-036 BS036    
BSM100174 BSM100174     BS400-037 BS037    
BS400-231 BS231     BS400-038 BS038    
BSM000182 BSM000182     BS400-039 BS039    

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