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DTFLOCK self-locking/anti-loosening nuts & taps/gages
with 30° wedge internal thread form.

DTFLOCK fastener can effectively prevent thread from loosening is due to its unique structure. There is a 30° wedge ramp at the root of the female thread. When the bolt and the nut are tightly engaged, tooth crest of the bolt thread will press tightly against wedge ramp of the DTFLOCK thread and thus generate large locking force. Due to change of the thread angle, the angle between the normal force generated at the thread pair and the bolt axis is now 60° instead of 30° with an ordinary thread. Obviously, normal force of the DTFLOCK thread is far greater the fastening force. So, the self- locking friction force generated by this normal force will become much greater.

Advantages of DTFLOCK nut (thread) 

  1. Reliable anti-vibration and self-locking performance;
  2. Prolonged nut and bolt service life.
  3. Good reusability.
  4. No temperature variation influence and no strict application environment requirement.
  5. Free turning. Torque is needed only when tightening. Easy to assemble and disassemble.
  6. No dimension restriction.
  7. Match standard male thread.
  8. Need no auxiliary locking items, such as spring washer, locking washer, etc.
  9. In addition to DTFLOCK nuts, DTFLOCK threaded holes with the same self- locking capability can also be produced with DTFLOCK taps. These holes can be used in different machine parts with self- locking requirement.
  10. Can reduce thread stripping of soft material (such as aluminum alloy).
  11. How to order: R620-DTFLOCK series number - size - property class - material/finish
    Examples: R620-DTF6177.1-M8-10-plain, R620-DTF-CO-M12x1.25-A2-70
    Minimum order 10,000 pcs per DTFLOCK item (taps & gages are exempt).

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