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Keensert's solid one-piece design provides permanent threads in virtually any parent material with high resistance to torque-out and pull-out.
Tridair pioneered the design of this type of fastener and now offers the widest available choice of sizes, lengths, materials and types.
For installation, the Keensert fastener is threaded into a tapped hole.  The Kees are then driven down into the external thread, locking the insert or stud into place.  Installation is permanent unless removal is required.  If removal is necessary, the insert or stud can be easily removed and replaced with a new Keensert in the same tapped hole.
There is no tang to break off after installation, and therefore no concern over FOD falling into a prepared hole.  No special, costly, single-purpose drills or taps are required, and installation procedures can be learned in minutes.
Available with locking or nonlocking threads.
Keensert Inserts are also available with the unique patented Spiralock® thread form which allows a free running bolt installation. Then once the bolt preload is applied, Spiralock inserts will resist the most severe transverse vibration.
Keensert Inserts & Studs are manufactured to the following Military and Aerospace (NAS) Specification numbers: MS51830, MS51831, MS51832, MS51833, MS51834, NAS1394, NAS1395.

  • Blind End Inserts
  • Hydraulic Inserts
  • Miniature Inserts
  • Shear-load, Lightweight and Heavy Duty Studs
  • Solid Inserts
  • Floating Inserts
  • High-Strength Aluminum Inserts
Keensert Inserts and Studs

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