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Engineering Chain

KANA Engineering Chains can be produced on a mass production with uniform quality and accuracy basis to meet a constantly growing demand.

81X Series Conveyor Chains
KANA 81X Series Conveyor Chains has high-strength and long wear, and are manufactured for heavy duty operation under severe working conditions.They are suitable to conveying, transmissions and elevating applications.
Welded Steel Chains
KANA Welded Steel Chains are designed for most conveyring, during and elevating applications where a high-strength steel roller less chains are required as an economical alternative for comparable cost chains.
Drop Forged Rivetless Chains
KANA Drop Forged Rivetless Chains are made of all drop forged steel components, and are particularly applicable to overhead trolley conveyor service due to the design which permits operation over irregular courses both in a horizontal and vertical direction.
Cast Combination Chains
KANA Cast Combination Chains are made of malleable iron block links with carbon steel sidebars and pins. Its application is for drives of moderate speed and quite extensively for elevators and conveyors. They are available with a full line of attachments.
Detachable Llink Chains
KANA Detachable Link Chains are well known and are the most versatile of all chains on the market. They are made of high grade malleable iron and the light weight, low cost chain is suitable to elevating, conveying or power transmission applications - handling light and medium loads efficiently at slow or moderate speeds.
Pintle Chains
hitachi_189.gif KANA Pintle Chains are adapted to elevating, conveying or transmission service. They are made of high grade malleable iron assembled with either rivetted or cottered construction.
Transfer Chains
KANA Transfer Chains are adapted to carrying lumber, crates, pallets, etc. They are made of high grade malleable iron with carbon steel pins, and provide with peaked or flat roofs/top. Regularly furnished in rivetted construction.

Note: KANA products are not stocked in the USA. Please allow for delivery time from Japan.

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