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About The Arntz OPTIBELT Group

We only know quality

The Arntz OPTIBELT Group is considered one of the leading manufacturers of high performance drive belts.

OPTIBELT products are used where durability and quality are required without making any compromises: in machine engineering, in the automotive branch, in the agricultural engineering sector and household appliance industry.

The family-run company employs around 1950 employees worldwide. From the headquarters in Höxter (North Rhine-Westphalia), the Arntz OPTIBELT Group runs eight production locations in six countries. They are all committed to a single governance code: eight locations, six countries - one quality!

High-quality craftsmanship is not a matter of chance: The owner family of the Arntz OPTIBELT Group thinks in terms of generations and not in periods on a quarterly or yearly basis. Innovation yes, but no experiments at the expense of the quality rating. With this philosophy, OPTIBELT has ensured its place on the world market as a strong brand. So it stays that way, the owners and staff remain committed every single day: with heart, hand and understanding.

Greatness always starts with a vision


The Arntz OPTIBELT Group takes over the Dutch company Walk Antriebstechnik B.V. at the beginning of the year. The resulting establishment of OPTIBELT Walk sees the group expand its product spectrum to include in house manufacturing in metal.

The Arntz OPTIBELT Group is starting an ambitious, international brand campaign for the first time in its 140 year company history. The essential corporate values of competence, perseverance and precision are communicated in a prom­in­ent manner by exclusive brand ambassador Albert Einstein in order to sustainably strengthen the OPTIBELT brand around the world.

'optibelt DELTA CHAIN Carbon', a new flagship product in the sector of high performance timing belts, is presented at the Hanover Trade Fair. These innovative drive belts made of polyurethane and a carbon tension cord offer up to 100 percent greater power transmission capacity than comparable rubber belts.

The logistics centre at the Höxter facility is to be expanded. A new structure will offer space for an automatic container warehouse and for a pallet racking system and is to become operative and join the logistics network in July 2016.


The top management also received a fresh incentive this year: Reinhold Mühlbeyer is assuming leadership from Heinz Wilkening, who is going into his well-earned retirement after 44 years. Thereby, he will be part of the Arntz OPTIBELT Group management team next to Konrad Ummen as chairman of the management board.

This year, OPTIBELT celebrates its 140th anniversary. Watch our anniversary video.


The international orientation requires a new company name. In 1975, the "Höxtersche Gummifädenfabrik" became "ARNTZ OPTIBELT KG". From 1995 to today, the Arntz OPTIBELT Group is expanding. Production facilities in Ireland, China and Romania are being established.


In 1962, the first internationally active distribution company is founded in Zurich. With the acquisition of Roderwald-Antrieb AG in Berlin, the rubber thread factory secures an important distribution location for Eastern Europe. In 1968, ARNTZ Belting Company Ltd. is founded in Northern Ireland. In 1975, distribution companies are established in America and Canada; further sales establishments in Eastern Europe and East Asia follow.


With Arnulf Ummen, the great grandson of the company founder, a sales manager with vision takes the helm in 1959. The new managing director builds up sales offices in just about every major German city in just a few years. Turnover flourishes under Arnulf Ummen: In 1960, the factory in Höxter employs more than 800 people.
The factory manager continues expansion abroad.


The foreign market quickly becomes aware of the "Rubber thread factory in Höxter", the "Höxtersche Gummifädenfabrik". Cities abroad are supplied that are still considered to be the most important sales territories today: Antwerp, Copenhagen, Zurich, London, Bucharest, Vienna and many others.
After the Second World War, it becomes clear: With the traditional products from its founding days, success is not sustainable. The family-owned company developed the V-belt.


When Emil Arntz founded the "Höxtersche Gummifädenfabrik" in 1872, he relied on solid knowledge instead of an entrepreneurial thirst for adventure. He obtained the aid of a British specialist and built up the rubber thread production with ten energetic employees. The first customers were textile operations in Emil Arntz home town Wuppertal.

The zero-error objective

Quality secures the trust of our customers. Quality is our capital. And this capital is invested well on a daily basis. No product leaves our production hall before it is absolutely ready for market. Already years ago, OPTIBELT has provided for a catalogue of measures used to consistently improve and further develop manufacturing processes and service.

  • All international and domestic production locations work uniformly according to Total Quality Management (see "Certificates").
  • In the OPTIBELT research laboratory, the materials are tested under the hardest conditions.
  • Suppliers are chosen according to quality, not according to price criteria.
  • The sales department maintains constant informational exchange with our customers. In this way, our developers can react promptly to the needs of the market.
  • We invest in bright minds: The ideas of our employees represent our innovation pool.

Success proves us right: With extremely low manufacturing tolerances, OPTIBELT high performance drive belts set standards. We are especially proud of this because every charge of the natural product, rubber - the main component of our drive belts -, is composed of slightly different properties.

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