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The 'Rivet Nut' Tool

Now Finally Available To The Handyman! The rivet nut tool is an inexpensive alternative to industrial rivet nut setters. Fast and easy to use for the handy man who needs to make sturdy installations requiring a rivet nut fastener. It has unlimited uses. It’s design enables the rivet nuts to be seated tighter than with conventional tools. This fastening tool has unlimited uses!
The rivet nut possesses far greater load bearing capability than a regular sheet metal screw! Proudly made in USA. Use it instead of a sheet metal screw. It has unlimited uses. It’s compact design takes up less room in your tool box. For use with aluminum or steel rivet nuts.   Proudly made in the USA
How to install a Rivet Nut

Completely retract the slide and install rivet nut finger tight on the stud. Place the stabilizing rod in the provided hole. Insert rivet nut into the drilled hole and tighten the slide screw to draw the slide up the ramp. A light coating of grease on the ramp and a drop of oil on the tightening screw will ease the operation of the tool. Typically, the slide will be 0” to ¼” closed, depending on the thickness of material, when using ¼-20 rivet nuts. This will set the rivet nut. [When using the 10-32, test to see how far to draw the slide up the ramp. Usually 1/8” to 3/8” gap.]  Additional rivet nuts in both metric and inch sizes are available from Maryland Metrics or call (800) 638-1830

TIP: To speed up operation, use a 7/16" socket on a variable speed drill.

Top quality, made in USA, (part number R013-RSD7) 7/16" socket driver. $7.49

This procedure sets the rivet nut in place providing an anchor point where you cannot normally install a regular nut and bolt. For more information on this exciting new rivet nut tool click here now.
First time, pays for itself!
Rivet Nut Tool
Patent Pending

works with either style rivet nut
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Metric Kit Includes:
Rivet Nut Tool
(p/n R013-RNTMK)
Stabilizing Rod
ATA2 style Rivet Nuts
8 pcs M4 Aluminum Rivet Nuts
8 pcs M5 Aluminum Rivet Nuts
8 pcs M6 Aluminum Rivet Nuts
1 pc 1/4" Drill Bit (for M4)
1 pc 9/32" Drill Bit (for M5)
1 pc 3/8" Drill Bit (for M6)

Inch Kit Includes:
Rivet Nut Tool
(p/n R013-RNTIK)
Stabilizing Rod
ATA2 style Rivet Nuts
12 pcs 1/4-20 Aluminum Rivet Nuts
12 pcs 10-32 Aluminum Rivet Nuts
1 pc 3/8" Drill Bit (for 1/4")
1 pc 9/32" Drill Bit (for 10-32)
Rivet Nut Tool Only: $19.95 plus S&H
(p/n R013-RNTM)

Rivet Nut Tool and Metric Kit: $39.95
plus S&H
(p/n R013-RNTMK)

Rivet Nut Tool and Inch Kit: $29.95
plus S&H
(p/n R013-RNTIK)

Replacement ATA2 style Rivet Nuts  
M4 Aluminum Rivet Nuts p/n ATA2-470 $0.70 each
M5 Aluminum Rivet Nuts p/n ATA2-580 $0.80 each
M6 Aluminum Rivet Nuts p/n ATA2-610 $0.97 each
1/4-20 Aluminum Rivet Nuts p/n ATA2-420 $0.80 each
10-32 Aluminum Rivet Nuts p/n ATA2-132 $0.70 each

7/16" socket driver p/n R013-RSD7   $5.95

Advantages of using a Rivet Nut Tool  
Attaches any object to sheet metal
Holding Power
Uses standard rivet nuts
Works when nothing else will
Use instead of sheet metal screws
Goes where a machine screw won’t
Easy to follow instructions
Everything you need included with our kit
No Screws Needed!
  Applications of Riv-Nuts
Riv-Nut in use
Farm Equipment
Work Shop
And much, much more!

Note: The older Rnnn- prefix has been replaced by the R013- prefix.

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