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Sprockets are used in industrial machinery, construction equipment, conveyor systems, bicycles, motorcycles, cars, tanks and other machines. A wheel with teeth that meshes with the links of a chain. Sprockets are used in chain drive systems to transmit motion.
1. A sprocket is a wheel with teeth that meshes with a chain or Caterpillar style track.
2. sprocket n
     a: roller that has teeth on the rims to pull film or paper through
    b: thin wheel with teeth that engage with a chain [syn: sprocket wheel]
    c: tooth on the rim of gear wheel [syn: cog]
3. Sprocket \Sprock"et\, n. [Etymology uncertain.] (Mach.)
(a) A tooth or projection, as on the periphery of a wheel, shaped so as to engage with a chain.
(b) A sprocket wheel.
4. Chain wheel.

1. One of a series of teeth, as on the rim of a wheel or gear,
whose engagement transmits successive motive force to a corresponding wheel or gear.
2. A cogwheel.
3. A tenon projecting from a wooden beam designed to fit into an
opening in another beam to form a joint. (join pieces of wood with cogs.)
4. cog, sprocket tooth on the rim of gear wheel
5. cog, roll steel ingots
6. cog, the cogs of a wheel.
    a. (Mech.) A tooth, cam, or catch for imparting or receiving motion, as on a gear wheel, or a lifter or wiper on a shaft; originally, a separate piece of wood set in a mortise in the face of a wheel.
    b. (Carp.) (a) A kind of tenon on the end of a joist, received into a notch in a bearing timber, and resting flush with its upper surface.
(b) A tenon in a scarf joint; a coak.
    c. (Mining.) One of the rough pillars of stone or coal left to support the roof of a mine.

Sprockets in Humor

The fictional character George Jetson works for the Spacely Sprockets Company, a company
that presumably is involved in the production of space-age sprockets.
What these sprockets drive is left to the imagination of the viewer.

Staff (future):
Cosmo G. Spacely, owner of Spacely Sprockets
George Jetson, works at Spacely Sprockets
W.C. Cogswell, owner of Cogswell Cogs
Orwell Spacely, Mr. Spacely's nephew

[Testimonial from : ( is no longer on the web)])
Some of you may have noticed that Cogswell Cogs just don't last. Fixed your automated vase- washer last week with a cog from Cogswell Cogs? Then you'll probably have to fix it again soon. That's because Cogswell Cogs are made with a titanium alloy tainted with nickle, and that just can't stand up to the daily rigors of repetitive robotic motion. The solution? Spacely's Sprockets. Spacely's Sprockets are made of pure titanium and coated with a nanofilm of carbon laminate. Good for 1.2 billion rotations or 50 million meshes, guaranteed!

What? No guaran-- Er. Um, they are good for 50 million meshes. Our legal department says we can't guarantee it, but just trust us. Spacely's Sprockets are the best!
How was that? What? The dictaphone? Oh. um...-- Mr Jetson | 09.11.05 - 5:59 pm |

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