As per customer demands Yinsh Precision is developing small scale Lead-screws and ring gauges of different specifications. Applications include measuring instruments, CD drives, medical instruments, aerospace components, etc.

In addition, more and more clients are requiring higher degrees of spindle accuracy. In response, Yinsh Precision has a brand new fleet of high precision thread grinding machines built by Reishauer and Matrix. These machines allow them to not only produce high precision locknuts for spindles, but to machine perfectly matched threads into spindles. A perfect match for higher levels of precision.

With the aim to please the customer, Yinsh Precision Industrial Co., Ltd. strives to provide the most comprehensive and progressive service available. For spindles needing to be retrofitted with Yinsh Precision products, we have special vehicles especially built to provide maximum spindle integrity during transportation and shipping.
Sizes: Tooth distance 0.25m m to 80mm
Maximum external diameter 400mm , max. length 2ooomm

Note: YS / SBL / YINSH products are subject to a $250.00 minimum order.
These products are not stocked in the USA. Please allow for delivery time from the far east.

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