Chain Transmission Products

For mechanical power transmission, Maryland Metrics specializes in supplying and importing a wide line of chain transmission products strictly built with ISO 9002 facilities in accordance with ISO, ANSI, BS, DIN or JIS standards. When you think of imported chain transmission products, Maryland Metrics is a one-stop source. Our goal is to make your purchasing simple, efficient and pleasant!

Transmission Chains

ANSI Short Pitch (Bush) Roller Chain: 25 - 240
BS/DIN Precision Roller Chain: 05B - 72B
Double/Extended Pitch Transmission Roller Chain: A2040 - A2120
Heavy Series Precision Roller Chain: 60H - 240H
Heavy Duty Cranked Link Transmission Roller Chain: 2010 - 5628
Motorcycle/Bicycle/Moped Chain: 25 - 270H, 420 - 630, 081- 083
Oil Field Roller Chain: 80 - 240, Single to Octuple Strand
Infinitely Variable Speed Chains (P.I.V. and Roller Type) Chain: A0 - A6
Silent Chain (Inverted Tooth Chains): CL06 - CL24

Conveyor Chains

81X Series Lumber Chain: 81X, 81XH, 81XHH, 3939
ANSI and BS/DIN Attachment Chain: 25 - 240; 05B - 72B
A and CA Series Agricultural Chain: A550 - A620; CA550 - CA620
Double/Extended Pitch Conveyor Roller Chain: C2040 - C2122H
Conveyor Chain for Powder Material: FW09101 - FW160350
Drop Forged Rivetless Chain: X348, X458, X678, 698
Hollow Pin Chain: 08BHP - 2082HP; Sharp Top Chain: 60 - 160; 12B-32B (Single to Sextuple)
Side Bow Roller Chain: 35SB - 80SB; Speed-Fold Conveyor Chain: 2.5 Times and 3 Times
Standard Conveyor Chain: M20 - M900; Steel Detachable Link Chain: 25 - 72
Table Top Chain: C12SSS - C30SS; Type S Steel Roller Chain: S32 - S88
Welded Steel Type Cranked Link Mill Chain: WR(C)78 - WR(C)157
Welded Type Cranked Link Drag Chain: WD(H)102 - WD(H)480

Haulage Chains

BL Series Leaf Chain: BL422 - BL2088
AL Series Leaf Chain: AL422 - AL1666
LL Series Leaf Chain: LL0822 - LL3266
Heavy Duty Straight Sidebar Bench Chain: Z2814 - Z5628
Round Link Chain for Bucket Conveyor, Boiler Chain, Lifting Chain
Chain for AFC, Haulage Chain for Coal Shearer and Plough; Fishing Chain
Short/Medium/Long Link Chain (DIN 766, DIN 5685, DIN 763)
Proof Coil Chain (ASTM A413, Grade 30), Hi-Test Chain (Grade 40)
Alloy Steel Chain (Grade 80, DIN 5684, DIN 5687

Special Application Chains

Escalator Step Chain and Drag Chain: T67 - 24S
SMW Series Sugar Mill Chain: SMW08066S - SMW113457R
SMKW Series Sugar Mill Chain: SMKW20044S - SMKW45152R
SMKTW Series Sugar Mill Chain: SMTW08066T1 - SMKTW11101T2
QTJ Series Sugar Mill Chain: QTJ20 - QTJ22
W Series Straight Sidebar Long Pitch Conveyor Chain: W3075 - W52600
HA, HB and HC Series Saddle Chain with Attachments: W03075 - W51450
WH Type Heavy Duty Carrier Chain: WH60300 - WH200600
WTR-A, WTR-B Type Carrier Chain: WTR0375 - WTR25200
WT Type Steel Drag Chain: WT30150 - WT280350
DT Type Bucket Elevator Chain: DT150A - DT250C

Stainless Steel Chains

Stainless Steel Chains

ANSI and BS/DIN Standard Roller Chain and Attachment Chain: 35SS - 120SS; 05BSS - 16BSS
Double Pitch Roller Chains: A2040SS - A2080SS; C2040SS - C2082HSS
81X Series Lumber Chain: 81XSS, 81XHSS
Hollow Pin Chain: 08BHPSS - 2082HPSS; Side Bow Roller Chain: 35SBSS - 80SBSS
Speed-Fold Conveyor Chain: 2.5 Times and 3 Times
Table Top Chain (Flat Top Chain): C12SSS - C30SS
Welded Steel Type Cranked Link Mill Chain: WRC124SS, WRC132SS

Engineering Plastic Chains

ANSI Standard Roller Chains: 50, 60; Plastic Table Top Chains; Speed-Fold Conveyor Chains

The above product list is incomplete, for instance, MXS882, C188, SS188, SS131, 61X, 662, 667X, 88K, chains for water treatment and asphalt paving are not included here. Please contact the sales department for more information. Custom-made inquiries are welcome. For other mechanical power transmission products like sprockets, pulleys, locking assemblies, couplings, etc., please click and visit the

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