Maintenance Free Rod Ends and Spherical Plain Bearings must not be lubricated.
The ball revolves on a built in PTFE liner incorporated in the housing.

Rod Ends with Steel running on special Brass, or with Steel running on Bronze, and
Steel on Steel require regular lubrication. The first time lubrication has to be carried out 
when the part in mounted. The lubrication interval depends on the ambient conditions and
grease specifications.

For the lubrication of Steel on special Brass and Steel on Bronze Bearings, we 
recommend a soap-free high temperature grease with a high melting point that
remains stable at high temperature conditions.

For the lubrication of Steel on Steel Bearings Series E (Molybdenum Disuphide
Treated Bearings) we recommend a grease with a Lithium soap base with a
Molybdenum Disulphide Additive.

Regreasable Rod Ends Series K size 6 are lubricated by means of a grease fitting
to DIN 3405.

For Steel on Steel Rod Ends Series E from size 20 hydraulic grease nipples to 
DIN 71412 are built in.

Temperature Range
FLURO Rod Ends and Spherical Plain Bearings can be operated within the
operating temperatures listed below.

Mating Surfaces Temperature
Steel/Special Brass -50o till +200o -58o till +392o
Steel/Bronze -50o till +230o -58o till +446o
Steel/PTFE metal liner -50o till +200o -58o till +392o
Steel/PTFE glass fiber liner -30o till +150o -22o till +302o
Steel/Steel -50o till +200o -58o till +392o