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  Technical Information

Characteristics MS – Series version:

Preloaded bearing fit
An internal play with ‘zero’ tolerance is achieved through a preloaded bearing. Under normal permissible 
conditions and usage a minimal settlement of the bearing components or a minimal tolerance increase at 
the mating surface will take place. This special bearing technology causes a considerably higher bearing 
life with continuous low internal clearance. However MS-Spherical Plain Bearings are not suited for rotation 
as well as very high swivel frequency.

Please note that the series GXO..(RR) is not a preloaded bearing version, but the clearance is reduced to 
a minimal fit.

The nickel plated housing surface with a high polish finish achieves a sporty appealing design, especially on
visible components. This high-quality surface treatment with high corrosion resistance minimizes the 
sedimentation of dirt and is easy to clean.

Maintenance Free Rod Ends and Spherical Plain Bearings must not be lubricated. The ball revolves on a 
PTFE liner incorporated in the Insert.

Regreasable Rod Ends and Spherical Plain Bearings require regular usage-orientated lubrication depending 
on the application. The first time lubrication has to be carried out when the part is mounted.

Upon customer requirements the parts can be checked against cracks.

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