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Productivity benefits

The Nord-Lock wheel nut secures productivity

Changing to Nord-Lock wheel nuts the next time you change your tyres means securing your delivery efficiency and productivity levels. The Nord-Lock wheel nuts safely secures wheel nuts, which decreases risks of unplanned stops occurring. Avoiding unplanned stops is critical to the success of any company that uses an on- or off-road vehicle to manage the transportation of people, goods or material.

On-site productivity for off-road vehicles

An off-road vehicle is responsible for managing large amounts of material. To maximize operating time, every aspect of the vehicle needs to be durable, reliable and safe in withstanding the forces it is exposed to during its work - including wheels and wheel nuts.

Delivery time for on-road vehicles

Whether it involves a bus, truck or trailer, the coordination of commercial transportation vehicles is important in order to deliver products or passengers on time. An unplanned stop can mean deliveries are late or missed entirely. This can result in unsatisfied customers and even fines. The Nord-Lock wheel nut will help keep delivery schedules.

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