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Safety benefits

The Nord-Lock wheel nut makes wheels safer

The Nord-Lock wheel nut revolutionizes the concept of safe wheels. Once tightened it cannot loosen by itself. It improves safety for passengers and operators of commercial transport vehicles as well as the general safety on the roads. Improved safety on off-road vehicles is beneficial for both on-site employees and equipment.

Makes streets and highways safer

A dislodged wheel barreling down the highway strikes with a devastating force. It can cause property damage, personal injuries or, in the worst case, fatalities. You might be surprised how often wheels fall off heavy-duty vehicles. Studies in US and UK show that wheel loosening is a common and serious problem. The new Nord-Lock wheel nut effectively elimates wheel nut loosening and thereby significantly contribute to road safety.

Makes work sites safer

Wheels that fall off its axle puts on-site safety at risk. Off-road accidents involving dislodged wheels can result in damage to on-site personnel and equipment. Unfortunately, accidents involving wheels striking site personal have also resulted in personal injuries and, even worse, fatalities. Using the Nord-Lock wheel nut on industrial vehicles prevents accidents caused by loosening wheel nuts and thereby improves site safety.

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