Click For An Animated View Of A Serto Assembly
SERTO - The clever connection
It is often the simple things that outlive generations, or even entire development cycles. The best example: SERTO radial installation.

SERTO - backed by a unique building-block system. The union can be fitted or released radially. Eliminates the need to displace or even bend tubing runs.
When the nut is tightened down the clamping ring is deformed and constricts lightly around the tube without producing a notch. In the area of the constriction and at the “clamping ring/base part” joint the deformation forces produce high specific surface-area pressure contacts (face to face sealing) which afford firm secureing of the tube and tight metallic sealing.
By virtue of the elasticity of the clamping ring system SERTO is extremely resistant to vibration and pressure surges, insensitive to temperature cycling and excellently suited for multiple refittings and releasings.

An operationally dependable joint can only be ensured by the exclusive use of SERTO original parts, as well as by expert fitting.