This is the 2016 SERTO master catalog PDF format page index.
About 802 pages includes dimensional data in English, German and French.
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SERTO master catalog chapter listing
Content / SO Code Index
Technical Information
Brass M fittings
Brass Nickle plated fittings
Brass G fittings
Brass SAE fittings
Stainless fittings
Stainless L fittings
Aluminium fittings
Steel fittings
PVDF fittings
PA (nylon) fittings
Plastic Flip fittings
Valves in metal
Valves in plastic
Quick-disconnect couplings in metal
Quick-disconnect couplings in plastic
Hose nipples
Tubes, hoses, Jacoflon
Tube clamps
Mounting accessories, Tools

  • Complete Serto 2016 catalog in PDF format.(15 MB - 802 pages)

  • The links below are not included in the Complete Serto catalog

  • SAE fittings brochure
  • Chemical Resistance Table
  • CE Mark
  • PVDF Coupler brochure
  • Stainless steel SOL - New Inch sizes
  • Stainless steel SOL brochure (flash)
  • Valve part number interchange: Old to New
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