Stainless Steel BSP Threaded Fittings
from Maryland Metrics

Stainless steel BSP-threaded fittings
Socket from pipe
Half socket
Half socket from pipe

Welding nipple from pipe

Barrel nipple from pipe
Parallel nipple from pipe Bend 90 M/M
Hexagon nipple Elbow 90 F/F
Elbow 45 F/F Elbow 45 M/F
Elbow 90 M/F Equal tee
Y-piece Elbow with bar F/F
Cross Reducing tee F/F/F
Reducing elbow 90F/F Hexagon head plug tapered
Hexagon head plug parallel Square head plug
Round cap Hexagon cap
Hexagon nut Hose nipple hose/M
Hose nipple weld/hose Hose nipple F
Hose nipple M Hexagon bushing M/F
Hexagon reducing nipple M/M Reducing socket F/F only 316


Note: many of these products are not normally stocked in the USA,
so please allow sufficient lead time for delivery.
Key to material specifications:
4301 = werknorme 1.4301 ~ AISI 304      4306 = werknorme 1.4306 ~ AISI 304L
4401 = werknorme 1.4401 ~ AISI 316      4404 = werknorme 1.4404 ~ AISI 316L

Delivery code definitions: 'x' = *available item; 'e', 'x', 'o', 'xe', 'A' and 'u' = *on request item.
*Please inquire for price & lead time.
Specifications are presented in a multilingual format based on our suppliers data.

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