The only tool

The Only Rivet Nut Hand Tool You Will Ever Need!

Tired of buying multiple tools to install the different styles of rivet nuts? Presenting the newly designed hand installation tool, which is capable of handling all styles of rivet nuts from  6-32 to 3/8-16 and M3 to M10. Tools may be purchased individually by size or in a wide variety of convenient kits. Each tool has the same body size, thereby requiring only one 11/16 ratchet and one 7/8 wrench to install all sizes and styles of rivet nuts. In addition, this line of hand installation tools uses a standard socket head cap screw as a mandrel, making replacement convenient and economical.

How to order: R852-part number     Example: R852-RNHT-3716
Part Number Note:  Thread Size $ each
R852-RNHT-0632 (k) 6-32  $29.55
R852-RNHT-0832 (k) 8-32  $29.55
R852-RNHT-1024 (k) 10-24  $29.55
R852-RNHT-1032   10-32  $29.55
R852-RNHT-2520 (k) 1/4-20  $29.55
R852-RNHT-2528   1/4-28  $29.55
R852-RNHT-3118 (k) 5/16-18  $29.55
R852-RNHT-3124   5/16-24  $29.55
R852-RNHT-3716 (k) 3/8-16  $29.55
R852-RNHT-3724   3/8-24  $29.55
R852-RNHT-M3   M3 $29.55
R852-RNHT-M4 (k) M4 $29.55
R852-RNHT-M5 (k) M5 $29.55
R852-RNHT-M6 (k) M6 $29.55
R852-RNHT-M8 (k) M8 $29.55
R852-RNHT-M10 (k) M10 $29.55
Inquire for quantity pricing Pricing effective 1/6/15
Sizes may be combined for quantity pricing
note: (k) = included in kits
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