Aviation and Aerospace

Safety couplings used for air and space travel

Ariane Closely cooperating with our customers we develop individual designs which meet the special requirements used for the aerospace industry.

Walther-mono-couplings guarantee a high safety standard i.e. for filling and discharging helium tanks as well as checking Ariane 5 testports. Furthermore mono-couplings are used at earth stations and for filling and testing of aeroplanes and helicopter gears.

Walther-multi-couplings and docking systems are also used in test stands. They cut down rigging times substantially and allow better utilization of relatively expensive test equipment. Test stand time = testing time.

The main focus for production of such products is put on safety. As a result there are great demands on each single component. Walther Präzision fulfils these high requirements with:

  • expert and skilled advice
  • customer oriented development
  • CAD - supported design
  • OSF certificate from BDLI (Bund Deutscher Luftfahrt Industrie)
  • EDV-supported quality assurance
  • reliable manufacture and quality assurance guidelines

We incorporate a wide range of body material and plating in our quick couplings such as: stainless steels, heavy-duty alloy, titanium, hard-coat, hard-slide or "trenn-coat C".

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