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Applications in rail vehicles
The use of quick release couplings which make a quick connection and disconnection of media lines possible - partly without media losses - yield essential advantages against traditional screw-type connections for the company's running rail vehicles. For that reason Walther Präzision quick release couplings have been used for years in the area of:
Applications for public local traffic buses
  • carriages
  • hydraulic brakes
  • energy supply
  • cooling
  • climate control

Due to the various ranges of applications, Walther Präzision quick release couplings fulfil most requirements, as e.g.

  • leak and squirt free connection
  • automatic lock (one hand operation)
  • radial safety lock to avoid disconnection by vibration
  • protection against dirt in stainless steel design

Walther Präzision has recently come on the market with a number of new developments to fulfil the requirements in rail vehicles.

Applications for public local traffic busses

Besides the standard mono-couplings which serve as filling of air brake systems and for function tests of pneumatic components as well as test connections in the steering hydraulic at city busses Walther Präzision has developed the thermodrant system which guarantees the optimal energy utilization. The vehicle is connected with a coaxial coupling to a stationary heating circuit. The coupling has self sealing valves on both sides for the supply and return line. The valves open during connection and close during disconnection. In addition to this a bypass valve (size dependent upon installation) is forced open during disconnection and this prevents damage to the engine on the vehicle side being caused by an inadequate supply of cooling water and also ensures on the heating side that all the connected vehicles receive the same supply.

Safety measures prevent moving of the busses when coupled to the coaxial couplings.

The main advantage is to avoid cold starts. As a result engine life is extended and air pollution reduced.

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