Maryland Metrics Year 2000 (Y2K) readiness project
June 1998, revised December 1998, revised September 1999, revised January 2000



Maryland Metrics has completed its plans to address Y2K issues and has now completed all phases of our Y2K transition.

We addressed the following potential problem areas:

We are addressing the following potential problem areas:
1. We assessed external inventory suppliers such as manufacturers and distributors.
2. We assessed external service suppliers such as banks, shipping companies and utilities.
3. We required certifications from critical suppliers.
4. We are taking the necessary steps to assure continuous material flow at the warehouse level.
5. We tested all microprocessor-controlled devices including machine tools.
6. We tested telephone, security and environmental systems.
7. We tested and updated our mainframe computer systems, both hardware and software.
8. We tested our PC computer systems, both hardware and software.

We do not expect to have any unresolved in problems in meeting our Y2K customer obligations.

We hope this will satisfy your Y2K questions and/or survey requirements.
Questions or comments on Y2K may be sent to the Maryland Metrics officer in charge of the Y2K project:

Mr. Lee Sacks, General Manager
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